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Service advantages

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  Service goal: exceed customer expectations and industry standards

  Service advantages

  In terms of service management mode, innovation has been adopted, from the previous mode of manufacturing + sales to the mode of "manufacturing + service", from the mode of selling products to the mode of "product + service". In the process of EPC project undertaking, the proportion of customized services to customers has been increased. Instead of designing according to the traditional standard engineering and equipment design concept, the ore grade of the target customer's region has been inspected . after the power supply, enterprise personnel training and after-sales service, design the customers one-to-one, provide the customers with targeted engineering design scheme according to the event, fully integrate the customer's advantageous resources, maximize the production capacity of the customer enterprise, reduce energy consumption and operation and maintenance costs, realize green manufacturing, and achieve the goal of win-win.

  Through the innovation of service mode, the capacity of users is increased by more than 50%, and the maintenance is only required once every three years, each maintenance only takes three days, and there is no maintenance cost in normal production years, that is, the cost is reduced by more than 30%.