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Three services

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  Our Service Service goal: exceed customer expectations and industry standards

  Pre sale service

  1. Provide technical consulting services for users free of charge

  2. Provide users with product samples, company profiles, credit certificates and other information.

  3. Invite users to visit our company to inspect product design, process flow and quality management system.

  4. Assign technicians to design and select models according to site conditions and user needs.

  Sale service

  In the process of product manufacturing, relevant technical personnel of users are invited to our company to inspect the inspection of each process in the manufacturing process,

  And provide relevant technical personnel of users with product inspection standards and inspection results.

  After-sale service

  1. Carry out technical training according to the needs of users, and improve products according to the needs of users in time.

  2. Reply to the incoming and outgoing information of the customer within 8 hours, and the service engineer shall be on standby 24 hours; if the fault is not handled, the service engineer shall not leave the site, and leave the site with the permission of the customer.