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Technical team

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  There are 265 staff in our technical team , including 146 senior technicians and professional technicians (46 kernel developer), with outstanding strength and technical operation ability. The company has excellent equipment, strong technical force and complete inspection equipment. Based on the concept of "satisfying the needs, creating brand and developing the business with integrity", the company takes science and technology as the guide and starts with the advanced nature and rationality of the products, vigorously developing product research and development. The company has carried out project cooperation with Zhejiang University, Northeast University and other comprehensive universities, as well as Sichuan Metallurgical Design Institute, China Metallurgical Oriental Design Institute, Jilin Northeast Asia International Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd. and other scientific research institutions, so that the company's technology research and development and manufacturing capacity has been in the leading position in the industry, especially in the field of submerged arc furnace, sintering machine, conveyor, etc. The company is a high-tech enterprise, a small technological giant enterprise in Jilin Province, with a provincial enterprise technology center. At present, it is actively applying for the establishment of academician workstation, focusing on promoting the research and application of electrical automation, high-end machinery manufacturing and other directions.

  The company has a number of skilled operators, as well as a well-trained and skilled installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, after-sales service team. The company has undertaken dozens of large and medium-sized EPC projects in China, Southeast Asia and Africa. By the relevant departments and customers of widespread concern and praise.