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Director Lin of the State Administration of Taxation of Tonghua Medicine High-tech Zone visited the company

2019/04/12 13:42
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On the afternoon of June 12, Mr. Lin, the State Taxation Bureau of Tonghua Medicine High-tech Zone, visited Tonghua Jianxin Technology Co., Ltd. to inspect. Chairman of the company, Dong Hongwei, extended a warm welcome to the inspection team and his delegation.

Chairman Dong Hongwei gave a detailed introduction of the company's general situation, organizational structure, project situation, base construction and future business planning. Director Lin communicated with the staff on optimizing the tax collection and management environment, improving the efficiency of tax refund and simplifying the approval process. After the meeting, Director Lin and his party visited the company's production workshop and learned about the use, production and sales of the company's self-developed and produced water-cooled hood.

Zhu Weibo, the company's financial controller, accompanied by a group of company leaders.

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