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Everbright Project

2019/04/12 13:46
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The RKEF process nickel-iron smelting project of China Everbright Metallurgy (Dalian) Development Co., Ltd. was officially started on March 1, 2015. After consultation between the two companies, the company, which was originally planned for 8 months, was reduced to 5 months. The commissioning work was completed at the end of August. This project will build 2 sets of 33000KVARKEF process nickel-iron production line. The ore is a high-nickel low-iron type laterite nickel ore with a nickel content of 1.8% and an iron content of about 15%. It is estimated that the annual output of about 2 × 46,000 tons of nickel-iron with 10% nickel content, 330 days a year.





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