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Director Lin of the State Administration of Taxation of Tonghua Medicine High-tech Zone visited the company
On the afternoon of June 12, Mr. Lin, the State Taxation Bureau of Tonghua Medicine High-tech Zone, visited Tonghua Jianxin Technology Co., Ltd. to inspect. Chairman of the company, Dong Hongwei, extended a warm welcome to the inspection team and his delegation.
Comrade Wang Zhihou, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, came to our company to conduct research on the steady growth of work.
5月9日上午,市委书记王志厚等一行人来到我公司,就稳增长工作进行调研。公司常务副总经理鞠婀娜等人热情迎接。市委书记强调,要深入贯彻落实省委书记巴音朝鲁在省委常委会听取一季度全省经济运行情况时的重要讲话精神,按照市委、市政府部署要求,坚定不移推进供给侧结构性改革,深挖潜力稳增长,苦干实干,奋发有为,确保完成全年目标任务,为推进通化绿色转型、全面振兴作出更大贡献。  一行人来到车间厂房进行实地察看,向
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